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Samuel Cheng Fund Raiser

Dourque Award Winners: Ms. Mary Remer the President and Norma Shepherd the Treasurer of the B T C A are co-winners of the 1st award.   They have earned this award for the complete financial destruction of the "Bull Terrier Club of America".

The BTCA loses it's Shepard !
Proposal Would Require You to Buy Insurance--On Your Dog!
Enron or BTCA ?
National Health Care for Dogs.
As a director of a nonprofit, can I be held personally liable?
Water and Beer Education
Conviction - Found Guilty -
Gregory Anderson 2006 President of the Bull Terrier Club of Dallas
The AKC is barking up the wrong tree.
Why all the Breeding Ban laws ?
Meningitis transferred by goats and other animals.
Louisville Metro Council to Vote on BSL, Limit Laws and Breeder Licensing
Europe-wide threat to the bull terrier.

State and Local Regulation

Who Is a Puppy Mill?
Teach your dog the art of Fighting.
Family dog kills 2-week-old
Why is this website better than any Texas site?
Vaccination- Friend or Foe?
Gregory Anderson was found guilty of having 2 dangerous dogs, after an attack on 3 year old Samuel Cheng. (more)
Nutrition Needs of the English Bull Terrier
Why is this website better than any Texas site?
I want to be a Breeder Judge.
Dog scalded Oklahoma City, OK (US)
Vick's dogs getting second chance.

Animal Services - Laws to know - (more)
Raw Diet (The)
New Texas Dog Laws starting 9-1-2007 coming soon to your area.

Animal cruelty, bribery charges reported Visalia, CA (US)
AKC Endorses The “Animal Enterprise Terrorism ACT”

Pet food Labeling
What is the prerequisite for spending over $9,000?
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